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AMAZING! How Is it done?

You are planning to get a 3D/4D Ultrasound. Congratulations, because they are really cool. But before you head out to the facility we would like to offer you products that will enhance your ultrasound experience a thousand-fold. We have the ability to take your ultrasound information, (Volume data-set as it is scientifically called) and convert that into a form that you can interact with.



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How Do I get my Ultrasound Data to you?

We need to give you specific instructions BEFORE you schedule your 3D Ultrasound Scan. There are several formats in how 3D data is stored and we will guide you through the process to guarantee the best possible rendering of your developing fetus.






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This 3D stuff is expensive isn’t it?

Solomon Technology Labs are on the "leading edge" of technological advances. We are the first company to offer this technology to the general public in the discipline of Obstetrical Ultrasound. We have several patented and copy-written processes that we use to lower the cost of this technology to a point, that it's as affordable as going to the movies. Albeit vastly more enjoyable and with far greater longevity.


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3D-4D Ultrasound? Why should I get one?

What is all the fuss about 3D Ultrasound, Virtual Reality and 3D Printing?. I always see something about it in the news. I already had a standard sonogram, that I surmise is called a "2D ultrasound". What more can I see with a 3D? Even more importantly, what more can I see with your products? A picture is just a picture, isn't it? Other than the regular photographs I take of my family and friends, how will purchasing your products further enrich my pregnancy experience?

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