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About Us

3D Fetal Display is a branch of the parent company, Solomon Technology Labs (formally Solomon Technology Corporation) which was established in 1985 and is the developer of the Abacus OB™ and Picture Box™ Obstetrical and Gynecological Ultrasound Computer Software (US Food and Drug Administration – Regulation Number: 884.2225 -510(K) Number: K951393). This family of programs were the most sophisticated products of their type, by incorporating bit-mapped graphics into their reports, the use of video digitizers to acquire images and the ability to download data from various ultrasound scanners to be incorporated into their databases and reports. All of these capabilities are now commonplace, usually described as PACS systems (Picture Archiving and Communication), but their feature set originated with the Abacus OB.

The Abacus OB has transitioned and is being further expanded starting in 2012. The “MedPad“, a Computer Tablet version of the Abacus OB hardware, with its simple, yet elegant “Touch” based Graphical User Interface, runs  both fundamental and sophisticated versions of our application. The current Abacus OB and all of its’ future iterations, will also seamlessly run on all Android devices, starting initially with the Abacus OB Prime. This application demonstrates far greater capabilities, far greater utility and at a far lower price point, than “anything” similar on the current market. Solomon Technology Labs invention the “MedPad” is the first medical image capture and archival device that operates solely on a Tablet Computer running on the Android Operating System.

Also of note, is the fact that Solomon Technology Labs was the first manufacturer of the Endocavitary Probe Sterilizer, sold in wide distribution through North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. This gave the ultrasound lab, its first ability to sterilize Transvaginal and Prostate Transducers in a convenient and efficient manner, utilizing a device designed specifically for these unconventionally shaped probes.

Solomon Technology Labs has, in many ways, revolutionized the way ultrasound accessories are designed and how they augment the function of the fundamental ultrasound scanning devices they serve.