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Q : My husband and I had a 3D/4D Ultrasound. Why can’t get a 4D model, a “moving” model, just like the stationary one?

A : The 4D ultrasound is a conglomeration of multiple 3D volumes that are essentially combined over a short time interval. Because of the nature of how these files are constructed by the ultrasound scanner, at this time we are unable to convert your 4D scan into what is needed. But we are currently working on doing just that. We will soon be releasing to our customers a 4D Interactive Dynamic Display. If you provided a 4D Volume in addition to the Static 3D Volume, you will be able to upgrade when available, at no extra cost.

Q : Why does the Model look slightly different from what was displayed on the screen during my original 3D Ultrasound and why does it take so long to get?

A: The 3D data has to be converted structurally in order for it to be universally displayed on all Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, MS Internet Explorer). Not only that, but our Technicians and Registered Ultrasonographers may sometimes have to remove certain portions of the data set in order to get a good view of your baby. More often than not, your baby’s face is sometimes buried in the placenta or smooshed against the wall of the uterus. Because each baby is unique, this process of revealing everything your baby has to show, may take some time to perform and requires the expertise of a sonographer.

Q : Why are your Virtual Reality Goggles so inexpensive? The Oculus Rift costs $600 by contrast.

A : Virtual Reality is a new and wondrous technology just in it’s infancy. There will be many significant advances in the years to come that will be so stunning that it will dance on the line between science fiction and science fact. We have searched the world over and found a headset that gives you the most advanced optical system, the lightest, least fatiguing and ultimately the headset that will give you the best overall experience. The reason that we can offer you a device that is so elegant in it’s function, is that the most expensive component of any of the current offering of headsets, is the Visual Display. We have eliminated this cost by allowing the user to use their own “Smartphone” as the main processing unit and display.

Q : We are interested in the Video Frame you offer. Can we have a family picture inserted along with the fetal pictures?

A : Yes you can! Just add your  “pictures”  in .jpg format or .png format or .bmp format to the Flash Drive we will provide you with, and we will incorporate those into the slideshow presentation. As a further Option you can provide us with a short movie file to include as well.

Q : I noticed that the Video Picture Fame has an SD card sticking out of the side. Can we place pictures on that card at a later time?

A: Yes. We include instructions on how to do just that. It is not necessary to have all the pictures you want displayed at the time you get the frame. You can add images yourself at any time.

Q : We are a very private family. Will other people be able to look at our baby’s ultrasound without our knowledge?

A: No. Each model that we provide will be accessible by you or anyone you desire, by a private access code or password. You will be given this code and no one can see your baby unless you give them that code. If you are going to make your baby available on Social media, you will remove the pass code. If you want only specific individuals to be able to view and manipulate your baby’s image, then you can email, text or verbally tell them the code. Maybe you only want your sister to know, until you reveal your pregnancy to the rest of the family. Then only she will be able to see, interact and comment on your baby until you are ready. Maybe you want to give out the passwords to everyone on the Holidays. Or maybe add a unique bit of “Spice” to a Baby Shower you are giving your best friend. The answer is: “You, and Only You control who sees your baby and when.”

Q : Why can’t a perfect image of my baby be seen when it’s converted to the 3D Model?

A: We do not alter your baby’s appearance in the conversion process. We only take the information that was provided by the ultrasound scanner. The actual resolution and amount of detail is controlled solely by the ultrasound technologists. Their skill, coupled with the position of the baby, the amount of amniotic fluid and several other factors dictate how much is seen of the fetus. We only take what you provide us with and turn it into the interactive file we provide.

Q : Will there be more Virtual Experiences and interactions in the future with the file we provide you with?

A: Yes. We will be providing an evolution of more enhanced Virtual Reality experiences and interactions within the womb. There will be more anatomical features visualized, not just with the baby, but more aspects of your pregnancy. Even AFTER your baby is born! As the science of VR matures, more information can be extracted from the original 3D data that you send us.

Q : How long will it take to get my stuff?

A: We pride ourselves in making each individual keepsake as perfect as possible. Because each fetal model and it’s enclosure is hand made, from the construction of the shadow box enclosure to the electronic sculpting of the piece itself, we require approximately two (2) to five (5) working days to complete the task, depending on how complex your ultrasound data set is. This does not include the shipping time for the Shadowbox. On the other hand, the Interactive 3D file takes approximately one (1) working day to develop.  The electronic interactive file can be accessed immediately after it is completed.