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After you have selected and purchased your products, a Code will be sent to your email and cell phone. Please input those numbers to activate your upload. Next place the CD with your 3D ultrasound on it into your CD/DVD drive, and click on the “Add Files” button ( It’s on the top row of buttons). Navigate your CD and choose the file with the extension: .dcm or .vol (the letters before the .dcm extension could be anything, as they are specific to that particular manufactures Ultrasound machine). Usually the file you are looking for is the largest file ( 3-60 MB) The main thing is to choose whichever file ends in one of these extensions. Hint: If all this computer mumbo-jumbo is too confusing, just drop us an email. We will help you out.


If you have an image that you want converted to a 3D Anaglyph (a 3D Image that requires Red and Blue glasses to see the 3D Effect) please upload that image as well. We can accept files ending in .bmp, .png or .jpg. Drag and Drop or Upload these files in the same fashion.


Click on the “Submit” button. The files will start to be uploaded to our servers. If you realize that you don’t want a particular file sent, then just press the cancel button. If you upload the wrong type of file (something other than those listed) an error message will be displayed. If so, repeat the file upload with the correct extension. If you still have problems, contact our office. We want you to have a pleasurable experience, so we will do all be can to steer you in the right direction.

IMPORTANT: After uploading your files and payment was made, expect to get your products within 5 working days.