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IMPORTANT!! You must make it VERY CLEAR to the scanning facility BEFORE they start your exam, that you need them to execute your exam following a specific set of instructions. By not obtaining the ultrasound information according to these guidelines we are not able to obtain the necessary three dimensional information to construct your products. These instructions can be printed or can be shown to the technologist on your phones screen, any time before the exam. To retrieve those instructions Tap or Click Here

GE Voluson Static Volume file [ .dcm ]

After you have completed payment for your products you will receive confirmation by email and/or text message. We will immediately send you a “PRE-PAID CD Mailer” that you will use to send your ultrasound data back to us. It works somewhat like Netflix, in that we will send you a pre-paid mailer that will protect your CD, and all that is required, is that you pop your 3D/4D CD into the mailer and drop it in the mailbox! Also included will be a USB 2.0 Flash Drive if you purchase the Digital Video Frame. We have included the flash drive to allow you to easily transfer your Pictures and/or Movie Files from your computer. Simply load your movie/pictures files onto the enclosed USB Flash Drive and include it in the Pre-Paid Mailer with your 3D/4D CD and we will take it from there!

The mailer is “Traceable” by the US Postal Service, so we know where it is every step of the way.

Pre-Addressed/Pre-Paid CD Mailer

If you are ordering the Digital Video Frame, please include a copy of the 3D/4D Movie file that your facility gives you. We also encourage you to include a copy of a Family Portrait, or your Wedding Song or the Song from your First Date, or any memorable song which we can make part of your slideshow presentation if you want audio on it. We can accept up to twelve (12) picture files, two (2) movie files and two (2) music files. Remember you are providing the picture, movie and music files in addition to the Ultrasound data files.

Your slideshow presentation will look similar to that in the attached video—›