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Your 3D-Ultrasound scan can be reconfigured and transformed by us, into an actual 3D Model of your baby. The 3D Model is based on the sculptural technique called: “Relief” or “Relievo Rilievo”. It is from the Latin verb Relevo or to RAISE, to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane. Every detail that was captured by the 3D sonogram is preserved by our process. The resulting model can be viewed from various angles and is made from a type of indestructible plastic polymer that will last a hundred lifetimes. The model of your developing fetus is created by using high speed three dimensional printers. Utilizing these state-of-the-art devices, along with our proprietary software, our Master Artisans and Technicians, will create and craft for you a lasting treasure. A treasure that is inexpensive, infinitely more advanced, and vastly more tangible, than the simple 3D images that are printed on a flat, fragile piece of thermal paper.

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 The Shadow Box enclosure is made from a rugged synthetic wood fiber.  The 3D Model is positioned on a black, high-tech light absorbing background material, so that the white  model material  significantly contrasts, and allows the 3D effect to be heightened. The model is “top lit” by a low powered L.E.D. array, that transmits light in the frequency of 6500 degrees kelvin, to make the plastic polymer “Pop” and showcase all the details provided by the ultrasound scanner. This light source consumes such low power, that a commonly available cell phone charger or battery can power it.

The model itself is constructed from an advanced resin that is waterproof and impact proof. It is created with several high speed 3D printers that are capable of producing  intricately detailed models when used with our proprietary software written specifically to construct 3D fetal models.

Each model is hand made and is by it’s very nature, one-of-a-kind. The cocoon that your baby is displayed in  represents the uniqueness of your baby as no two human beings are the same. We are offering you a way to preserve this moment in time. A snapshot of your developing baby. A creation that has never been, and will never be again. A tangible object that can be treasured for  generations to come.

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3d Display Shadow Box
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