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Re-live your Ultrasound experience over and over again with our high definition Digital Video Frame. We incorporate into the frame, all the major events that happened during your 3D/4D experience. The frame displays such things as your 3D/4D movie, that loops continuously in eye-popping clarity. The display of your child’s movement, which is the fourth dimension in sonography, coupled with the subtleties of the architecture of your child’s face, hands and even toes, is a truly amazing testament to how far technology has come. We bring you sights and sounds of your developing fetus that have never before been seen in history. All of this and more, including not only the visualization of the color assigned flow of blood through your baby’s cardiovascular system, but the simultaneous audio as well! Everyone loves to hear their baby’s strong heartbeat!

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Our 3D Fetal Display High resolution display is composed high impact Acrylic plastic, to survive falls from a table. The display is a wide viewing angle 7” Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. It can display your content in various aspect ratios that can be set by you. The display can be shown at a tall 4:3 to a wide 16:9 aspect ratio. There are 16.7 million colors that can be displayed and 256 shades of grey. Which means it can display an order of magnitude more shades of color and black and white than the human eye can actually see.

The images and videos can be played sequentially or randomly, and the rate at which they can be shown is all adjustable by you. The edges of the device contain two powerful speakers, to playback Hi-Fidelity Audio of such things as your baby’s Doppler recordings. The unit also contains a folding integrated stand, and possesses other functions such as a clock, an alarm clock and calendar. It displays information in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Polish languages and runs on an included 5V DC Power supply. The Video Frame can address up to 2 GB of memory as provided by the included memory card. You can add or delete images and movies at any time to enhance the presentation.  The unit is so well built that it’s life expectancy (including the LCD) with proper care, and continuously running, should reach 6 years; and much longer if it is intermittently turned off.

Everything is included to allow you to take it out of the box and immediately put this on your desk or shelf and begin showing your family and friends just how wondrous your new baby actually is!

When you order the Digital Video Frame, please include a copy of the 3D/4D Movie File (it will be an .avi file or a .mov file that your facility gives you), which depends on whether you have an Apple Device or a PC. We also encourage you to include a copy of a Family Portrait, which we can make part of your slideshow presentation and your Wedding Song or the Song from your First Date, if you want audio as well. We can accept up to 12 (twelve) picture files (.jpg .png .bmp ), two movie files (.mov .avi .mp4 ) and 2 (two) music files ( mp3 or mp4). The movie files have a limit of 190-MB in size. You can provide the picture, movie and music files in addition to the Ultrasound data files.

Your slideshow presentation will look similar to the video below ↓

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3D/4D Digital Video Frame
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 by Chloe
We are so grateful!

My Sister had many problems with her pregnancy. Little Daniel almost didnt make it. We can enjoy how precious he was in the womb much more now that all the bad times are past. This frame is on my desk at work and I look at all the images all day long. I love that something like this is available for families like ours.