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You have already taken the “First” step in viewing the miraculous secret world of your developing baby. You requested and received  a 3D Sonogram. Visually you experienced fleeting glimpses of such things as: the curvature of it’s jaw, or the width of it’s lips. You saw how delicately formed your baby’s limbs and fingers were. All these wondrous sights were witnessed by you on the ultrasonographer’s TV display, and ultimately presented to you in the form of a CD or Photo Print. But far more of the fetus is available to be reviewed and investigated by you, your family and your closest friends. We are urging you to take the “Next” step that will allow you to visually experience, your baby’s activities on a “Whole-Other-Level” in astounding detail. Experience the awe and mystery surrounding your precious developing baby in it’s secret world. Inside the Womb – in 3D!

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Product Description

The 3D Interactive Virtual Reality Kit is composed of the

  • Interactive Immersive 3D Headset
  • 3D Interactive Image Files on Flash Drive
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • 3D/4D Image files on Flash Drive
  • 3D/4D Interactive Image File that can be Embedded into a PDF document

Our inexpensive “3D Interactive Virtual Reality Kit” provides all the necessary tools to allow you to use your smart phone and its high resolution display to create a 3-Dimensional World in which your developing baby is the star. You will be able to look all around your developing fetus and identify small curiosities of its development for hours at time. You will be able to use the wireless controller to activate descriptions of what you are seeing, as many individuals are new to 3D Ultrasound and often many features are difficult to understand. With this Kit, you not only get the Software tools to probe the Virtual world, you also get personal copies of the imaging files that you can use to post to social media, especially Facebook. Your family and friends not only “See” the image of your baby, but they can rotate, spin, tumble and zoom your baby’s image to see detail that no one else can see with their paper or film based images. Your friends may have photographs of their 3D scans, but just because it’s a picture, doesn’t mean you can flip that picture over and see the profile of your baby’s head. With our technology – “YOU CAN!”


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3D Interactive Virtual Reality Kit
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 5 reviews
 by Monique

I must say when I first heard about 3d Virtual Reality Kit I sad no way! Well I'll say It's an experience you must have *) *) From the comfort of your home.

Quality of Care

Very Supportive.

 by Tammy
Who Was That Sales Lady 🙁

Ok I received my Digital Video very satisfied would have gave 4* I But the sales lady seems a bit moody 🙂

 by Crystal Evans, RN, NNP
Our family "Loves it!"

We bought this on a recommendation from another one of our friends. We were hesitant because we already bought the 3D package and didn't want to go overboard buying stuff for the baby. But

 by Arecelli Montoya

This is a great product from a reputable company. Never been able to find this anywhere else.


This is sooooooooo Cool! Would have given 5 Stars but I didn't like the Sales lady's attitude!

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