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We take your 3D Ultrasound scan data and convert it to a format that can be dynamically manipulated by you and your loved ones. It can be viewed and interacted with, either on a smart phone or tablet with your fingers, or a laptop or desktop computer screen, using a mouse. But arguably, and most importantly, you can post this interactive file on your Facebook page and it can be viewed and manipulated by friends and family anywhere in the world! Because each baby is unique, no two 3D ultrasounds will look the same. Yours is “one-of-a-kind”. We also place privacy concerns above all else, and we allow you to manage who and where your baby is seen, by giving you a unique key code or password. You will have ultimate control over who sees your developing baby in its secret world inside the Womb – in 3D!

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Product Description

Up until recently there was only one way to view a snapshot or photographic image of someone or something that you wanted to have preserved. It was either by transposing the image and affixing it to a piece of film or photographic material, drawn onto a piece of paper or painted onto a canvas or some other substrate. The Sistine Chapel’s ceiling painted by Michelangelo, displays one of the most renown and spectacular artworks in human history, and the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonard da Vinci, arguably the most famous painting in the world, were exquisite 2-dimensional renderings of 3-dimensional subjects. The only way humans have been able to truly define what an object looks like geometrically is by fabricating a Model or sculpture of the subject. A 3D rendering gives the observer an all-encompassing understanding of how the subject is orientated in 3 dimensional spaces. No matter how elaborate the photo, no matter how detained the drawing, it cannot compare to the information available that is contained within a 3-dimensional sculpture.

We at Solomon Technology have taken this phenomenon and applied it to modern medicine. One of the most extraordinary modern medical technical advances is that of “3D Ultrasound”; whereby a developing fetus can be viewed, alive and untouched, “within” the mother’s womb, harmlessly by using sound waves. But even with this modern discipline available, old techniques are still used to view and archive the fetal characteristics. We generate the 3D scan on a TV monitor, but archive the images on a 2D substrate, which is either, film, paper or some type of digital video material. In each of these cases, the observer is restricted to how they can view the resultant images, by whichever view the original individual wanted it to be seen. The contrast is easily seen when comparing the information viewed in the masterful Mona Lisa, whereby her mysterious smile and hair are intrinsically painted upon the canvas. And Michelangelo’s sculpture David which by most standards is one of the greatest sculptures ever created by man. One can walk around the sculpture. You can see how shadows and light play off the angles of the structure that change infinitely as you move around the piece. In contrast, no matter how detailed the Mona Lisa”, no matter how minutely detailed,  sections of her face were drawn, one cannot turn the painting on its side and see her profile. Or walk around to the rear of the painting and see the back of her head. Three dimensions give all of the information of a 2-dimensional object and infinitely more.