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This Wireless Remote is an ergonomically designed controller that comfortably fits in your hand. This device allows you access to many of the features that are nested within the 3D sonogram like, annotations and shading. The remote controller contains an array of buttons that operate current features of your 3D display and have implementations for many future capabilities that will be offered.

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Product Description

This hand held remote controller allows you the ability to select Annotations and Movement from either an iOS device (iPhone) or and Android device with the flick of a button. It is wireless allowing you the freedom to spin your body 360 degrees to visualize all that your 3D-4D sonogram has to offer. There are hidden features in the ultrasound presentation, such as having the ability to change the lighting of the model or it’s intiial position.  You can read detailed descriptions of major and minor features of the model by positioning the cursor on top of “Hot” areas. All of these features and more are available by the Wireless Remote Controller.