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Why 3D? Why Pictures?

DSC_5568c_993x660 Why Do We Take Pictures?

This is a very big question on so many levels. I take pictures to remember the moment, the person or place in the picture; to re-visit later and to share with family and friends. We take pictures to prove and cherish something, someone or a moment existed. My oldest daughter asks me a lot of questions about my past and her life. Most of my answers are documented in the form of pictures somehow. My father always had a passion for photography, so I am able to show and prove to my daughter the answer to her question. Any day now we are expecting our third girl to be born. My oldest has been very curious and always asks me questions about my pregnancy and birth of her or her sister. I can explain and show to her what it was like due to the many keepsakes I have created for her. We have ultrasound pictures, a birth video, pregnancy pictures, a belly cast, baby hand, foot, and bottom castings. When I show my girls their keepsakes I am so grateful they exist. They were a lot of work to create. We also gave presents of the hand and foot castings to the grandparents. My parents who are in Germany hold these things in a very special place. It is so hard to be so far away but nowadays it is absolutely amazing how much we are able to share our lives. We share pictures with my family on a weekly basis. It does not feel as if they are so far away due to being able to share everything we do. Taking pictures and creating keepsakes is an incredible way of reliving and sharing memories of our lives. As a Midwife I have seen so many happy days were I became part of a client’s family through the birth of their baby. Pictures were taken and videos made, picture- or scrapbooks and castings were created. I have also seen very sad days were I became part of a client’s family through the loss of their baby. I have lost a pregnancy myself. In these moments we try to hold onto everything that connects us to the baby we have lost. It is important to create keepsakes of our lost ones as well, as they will always be part of our lives. Castings and pictures make this possible. These moments that we document in either picture, casting or keepsake version will not come back and I am grateful I am creating them. When I show some of my keepsakes I often hear the sad comments of, “I wish I had done that”. Nowadays there is a lot of opportunity to create keepsakes without having to do any work yourself.

Sarah was born and raised in Germany. In 1998 she visited Arizona for the first time and has lived in the desert for good, since 2000 with her husband. They have three young daughters who she currently stays home with. She and her husband are successfully raising their children bilingual in both German and English. Sarah is also a very successful Midwife and has assisted in bringing may new lives into the world. She has far too many passions in life to list here, but several favorites are photography and creating physical keepsakes. She has an ardent love of hiking, camping, and most especially travel. She is often found to be globe trotting to visit her family in Germany.